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Back to School Program

We have received an overwhelming number of inquiries from teachers and school administrators who found our product at Costco and need hand sanitizer to open their schools.

We are offering schools and school districts our "back to school" program at the lowest price possible in pallet quantities.


Hand Sanitizer Gel

Tricleanz Hand Sanitizer comes in 1 gallon bottles with a pump. All Tricleanz Hand Sanitizeris made in the USA. Price is $23.80/gallon with free shipping for pallet sized quantites. Shipping for individual cases is $16 per case.
Single CaseSingle Case contains 4 - 1 gallon bottles (UPS Ground shipping). $95.20 + $16.00 shipping
Small PalletContains 3 rows of 12 cases for a total of 144 Gallons $3,427.20
Medium PalletContains 4 rows of 12 cases for a total of 196 Gallons $4,664.80
Large PalletContains 5 rows of 12 cases for a total of 240 Gallons $5,712.00

Stands & Mounts

Wall Hanging Dispenser Mount - $7.50
Temporary Backorder
Standing Dispenser - $40.00
Temporary Backorder
**Purchase of Sanitizer Required**Purchase of Sanitizer Required

About Us

We are an Oklahoma corporation that manufactures hand sanitizer and related products for large retail chains including Costco. As part of our committment to the community we offer our products to schools and first responders at a price lower than it can be found anywhere else.If you have questions, please email lisa@tritaniumlabs.com or call (918) 416-7775.

Tricleanz Hand Sanitizer, available throughout the midwest for $24.69/gallon and higher.

We are a large quantity producer that can meet your supply needs.